6 Group Activities in Pittsburgh for Your Next Team Bonding Event

Enhance your work environment with these engaging and exciting group activities in Pittsburgh.

Having a strong bond with your coworkers can not only create valuable friendships but can also increase your workflow and productivity. It’s essential to spend time talking about things other than your work and get to know each other honestly. Group activities in Pittsburgh are pretty easy to come across, but you have to make sure you choose the perfect event for you and your coworkers — you don’t want to choose something that will tear you apart. Whether it’s attending a workshop, taking a cooking class, or coasting down the three rivers on a party boat, there is something for every company. Dive into these six team bonding activities that we believe to be the best ways to increase your team building. 

6 Group Activities in Pittsburgh to Increase Your Company’s Team Bonding

         1. Take a Cruise on a Pittsburgh Pedal Boats

Group of people on a Pittsburgh Pedal Boat
Take a ride on the river and bond with your coworkers in a casual setting.

If you are looking for a relaxing group activity in Pittsburgh where you and your coworkers can hang out, drink a few beers, and get to know each other, this is the perfect place. Pittsburgh Pedal Boats takes you and your crew along the scenic downtown rivers, and you can even get a workout in a while using the pedals on the boat. Bring your own drinks, snacks, and even a few games if you would like to play with your coworkers. You can play card games or board games that encourage you all to dig deeper into your relationships and then continue the night downtown to grab a few more drinks after you hop off the boat. Enjoy the outdoors, bond with your company, have a few drinks, listen to music, and take in the beauty of the ‘Burgh — what more could you ask for in a day?

      2. Get Competitive at Three Rivers Karting

go-kart racing track
Image courtesy of Motorsport Jobs.

Maybe you and your coworkers need a little more competition and less casual hanging out and chatting. Three Rivers Karting hosts various events, including birthday parties, bachelor parties, and team bonding. In addition, they offer a variety of meeting rooms so you can have a private meeting space to speak with your coworkers before you start racing on the track. Even better than that, you can rent out the entire facility to accommodate your team members, and it includes unlimited racing. If that isn’t enough, the facility also holds Three Rivers Axe Throwing. It’s been engineered for your safety and entertainment, so you and your coworkers can have some friendly competition on the race track and throwing axes.

       3. Cook With Your Coworkers at Chop, WOK, & Talk! 

team cooking a meal
Image courtesy of Chop, WOK, & Talk!

Chop, WOK, & Talk! is a fantastic place to work with your coworkers to create something beautiful and delicious. Countless significant corporations use the cooking experience as a way to develop their team-building skills. There are various cuisines to choose from, including Asian, Spanish Tapas, Italian, Argentinian, etc. Here are a few of the benefits of using cooking as a team bonding experience:

  • Energize and excite your coworkers
  • It’s a healthy environment to take risks
  • You can encourage communication and networking
  • Increase problem-solving skills, speed, and work ethics
  • Bring on an atmosphere of leadership and collaboration

       4. Embrace Innovation at Pittsburgh VR

people playing virtual reality games
Image courtesy of Groupon.

Pittsburgh VR embraces and welcomes corporate team bonding into their doors and knows that the virtual reality world can allow coworkers to experience new things together. You and your coworkers will be able to not only mingle but learn new skills along the way. The Pittsburgh VR location offers spacious areas to rent out so that your company and teams can have enough space to take in the whole VR experience. There are countless games provided, including puzzles, adventure, arcade, educational, horror, driving, and more.

        5. Work Together in an Escape Room

store front of Escape Room Pittsburgh
Image courtesy of Pittsburgh Beautiful.

An escape room will test your teamwork skills under a strict time limit. Do you think you and your coworkers can do it? Rent out Escape Room Pittsburgh to take your office-mingling to the next level in a place where you have to think on your feet and trust your team’s instincts. Get to know your coworker’s strengths and weaknesses in an entertaining way. There are plenty of escape rooms, including Tomb Explore, Subway Escape, Carnegie’s Millions, Diamond Heist, and more. If you have a large company, split up into teams and see which coworkers can make it out of the escape room quicker. 

      6. Host a Workshop

Cathedral turned into a Peerspace
Image courtesy of Peerspace.

Instead of renting out a room and playing games or riding karts, you may want to build an experience of your own. Hosting a workshop at a Peerspace will give you the creative freedom to include anything you would like into the team bonding experience, and you can tie in an educational aspect. There is a range of listings to rent for the day or hour — some are incredibly cool, like a Cathedral church (shown above) or a colorful meeting space with a full kitchen. You can even speak to the Peerspace concierges to discuss catering options, A/V equipment, and anything else you may need. A workshop is also a great way to wrap up a quarter or hold a holiday party while going over your company’s successes over the past quarter or year. 

There are plenty of group activities in Pittsburgh perfect for team bonding, including Pittsburgh Pedal Boats. Get out of the office environment and hang out with your coworkers in a more casual setting to get to know each other better. Contact us to plan your team bonding experience and get ready to turn your coworkers into close friends.