What to Expect When Booking Your Pittsburgh Pedal Boats Cruise

Booking a Pittsburgh pontoon or pedal boat cruise? Here’s what you need to know about planning and preparing for your outing.

Trying to plan out an event this summer or just an outing with some friends? Whether you’re looking for something to do for a birthday party or just a fun way to experience the city, our Pittsburgh pontoon and pedal boat cruises at Pittsburgh Pedal Boats are a great option. If you’ve decided to plan a reservation with us and you’re looking for more information about what to expect when planning your outing, keep reading to learn more about our boat and group options and what we recommend bringing on the boat with you. 

Planning Your Pittsburgh Pedal Boats Outing

Man and woman on a Pittsburgh Pedal Boats cruise

When it comes time to schedule your Pittsburgh Pedal Boat ride, you’ll have a couple of different options to choose from. You’ll need to decide on which boat you’d like to cruise on, which tour type you’d like to take, and what day and time you want to set sail. 

Choosing your boat

Pittsburgh Pedal Boats offers two different types of boats for you to choose from: a pedal boat and a party pontoon boat. So, what’s the difference between the two? Let’s get into it. 

  • Pedal boats - Similar to the party bikes you may have seen around the city, a pedal boat will require you and your friends to pedal to get the boat moving! Pedal boats can hole up to 15 guests — 10 of those seats are pedal stations and 5 of those are non-pedal seats at the front of the boat. 
  • Party Pontoon boats - New to Pittsburgh Pedal Boats’ fleet, our Party Pontoons allow you to take in all the views of the city without putting in the work to pedal there.  A USGC licensed captain will guide your journey through the three rivers. These boats fit up to 18 passengers on the cruise. 

Choosing between public and private tours

Trying to decide if a private or a public tour is best for you? Ultimately that will depend on how many people you plan to bring along with you as well as your price point. The pedal boat tours start at $40 for a public tour and at $500 for a private tour. On the other hand, the Party Pontoon tours start at $45 for a public tour and $750 for a private tour. If you’re planning on bringing upwards of the respective limit, then a private tour will probably make more sense for you! If you’re coming with a small group, then a public tour may be a more affordable option. No matter if you opt for a public or private tour, all of our boats are only large enough to fit so many people, so you can still expect a more intimate experience among your peers. If you go with a public tour, you may even make some new friends by the end of it!

Scheduling Your Cruise

After you’ve made your decision between which boat and tour type you’d like to cruise, it’s time to book your time! Our first reservations start in May and we run until October. We offer cruises 7 days a week—even on holidays! Each cruise lasts for an hour and 45 minutes, so be sure you plan ample time to fully enjoy your cruise.

  • Monday through Wednesday, you can book your cruise any time between 11 AM - 8 PM while reservations last. 
  • Thursday through Sunday, you can book your cruise any time between 10 AM - 8 PM while reservations last. 

After you’ve selected your time, next you’ll sign a waiver and then you can start preparing for your cruise!

Preparing for your Pittsburgh Pontoon or Pedal Boat Cruise

Holding a can of IC Light in front of a river

Now that you have your cruise scheduled out, now it’s time for the fun part—deciding what to bring on your cruise with you. Since all of our cruises are 21+, you are more than welcome to bring some booze and food on your cruise with you.

Bringing Booze on Your Pittsburgh Pontoon or Pedal Boat Cruise

When preparing the booze for your cruise, keep in mind that we do have a limit on how much you can bring. We allow a limit of 2 bottles of liquor per group, and we ask that you don’t bring more than a 6-pack of beer/seltzer or a bottle of wine per person. There are a ton of local brews that would make a great addition to your tour of Pittsburgh. Let’s get into a few of them:

  • East End Brewing Co. - Since 2004, East End Brewing Co. has been brewing fantastic beer, cider, and soda. Whether you love their year-round beers, or maybe want to try a seasonal brew, East End Brewing has something for everyone!
  • Dancing Gnome - First focusing on hop-style beer in 2016, Dancing Gnome has now grown to include traditional styles, low ABV beers, double IPAs, and more! Order your brews for pickup ahead of time and have everything ready for your tour.
  • Hitchhiker Brewing Co. - With two locations — one in Mt. Lebanon and one in Sharpsburg — you can stop by and grab some great food and a few cans of beer to go. If you like sours or ales, Hitchhiker has some great options for you. With delightful flavors and pretty cool packaging, you’ll love any flavors you try. 

Bringing Food on Your Pittsburgh Pedal Boat Cruise

When you’re on your cruise, you may get hungry along the way. You’re allowed to bring some light snacks and finger foods along with you during your boat ride. We often get asked for some recommendations of what to bring, and here are some of our favorite snacks and finger foods to bring along:

  • Frozen grapes and strawberries 
  • Mini-wraps or slider sandwiches
  • Trail mix
  • Cheese and veggie skewers
  • Pretzels

Other Necessities to Bring with You

Of course, booze and food shouldn’t be the only things you bring with you on your cruise. There are just a few other necessities we recommend you bring with you to ensure you have the best trip possible. 

  • Sunscreen 
  • Sunglasses
  • Towels—and bring extra, too!
  • Dry bags to store anything you want to keep dry from any splashes you may encounter. 

Now that you’ve scheduled and prepared for your trip, the last thing you need to do is show up! Our pick up and drop off for all cruises is at The Landing and Marina at Station Square. Walking directions will be provided within your email confirmation. 

Are you ready to get started planning your Pittsburgh Pedal Boats tour? Head over to our website today to book your Pittsburgh Pontoon or Pedal Boat Tour today!