4 Things You Need to Host the Ultimate Pittsburgh Party Boat Pregame

Who wants to tailgate when you can grab a party boat in Pittsburgh before your concert or Pirates game?

The weather is warming up, and more venues for concerts, sports, and all types of events are starting to open up. In no time, you and your friends will be off to a Pirates game, a concert, or even just a fun night out to the bars in Pittsburgh. Instead of pregaming at a friend’s house or tailgating in a parking lot, why not grab a party boat in Pittsburgh? We’ll give you all the details of what a party boat is and 4 ways to plan for the best pregame. The pregame might even be so fun you won’t want to make it to the function. 

4 Things You Need to Have a Pregame That Will Get Your Friends Ready for Fun

Pittsburgh Pedal Boats: The Ultimate Party Boat in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Pedal Boat
Take your next pregame on the water with your best friends. 

A party boat in Pittsburgh is the ultimate way to get the night started. Pick up and drop off is at The Landing and Marina in Station Square, which is the perfect location if you are continuing the night in the city. Before you head off to your baseball game or night out on the South Side, grab your friends and use a pedal boat for drinking and seeing the city. Each boat holds up to 15 people, and the captain will guide you and your friends along the three rivers while you pedal to some great music while drinking delicious brews. If you’re ready to book your cruise, check out these 5 ways to prepare for an incredible pregame. 

        1. Beverages and Food

beer cans
Bring your best friends and favorite drinks onto the party boat.

The best part about the Pittsburgh Pedal Boats is that you get to bring your favorite drinks onto the boat. All guests on the party boat can bring on a 6-pack of beer/seltzers or a bottle of wine, and each cruise can have up to 2 bottles of liquor. Each guest must be 21 — our crew will be checking IDs before getting on the boat to keep everyone safe. 

We know that a pregame is not successful without a few appetizers to fill your stomach along with the beers and seltzers. Bring on a few light snacks or finger foods to keep your friends fueled up for the exciting night ahead. If you need ice for your snacks or drinks, our team will be able to provide it for you. 

          2. Drinking Games

pile of playing cards
Bring a deck of playing cards to play Kings Cup while pregaming on the boat. 

Drinking games are a great way to add another element to the pregame. There are plenty of options and can include extravagant props, but here are some perfect for the party boat: 

  • Kings Cup — All you need for Kings Cup is a drink and a deck of cards. The basics are that every time a person picks a card, there is a specific rule to drink. For example, if a person pulls a card that is a 6, the ‘chicks’ on the boat have to drink. Another rule that some groups throw into the game is that the last person to pull a card must finish their drink.
  • Drunk Jenga — Another option that may be a little riskier and advantageous is Jenga. It’s been a big trend to purchase traditional Jenga blocks and write on each block with a fun drinking rule. For example, you could write “people with brown hair drink” or “tell us a secret or take a shot.” This one might be interesting to play on a boat, and the waves may add an exciting factor to the game because they could make the tower fall easier. If you and your friends are up for the challenge, it could become a thrilling game of Jenga. 
  • Thumper — The best part about Thumper is that there are no pieces needed, just a drink to take a sip of if you lose. Each person chooses their own specific hand motion. During the duration of the game, everyone is thumping their hands on the table. The person who starts performs their hand motion first and then another player’s hand motion second. Whoever is up next will make their hand motion and follow it with a different person’s motion. When someone messes up the hand motions, they drink, and the game restarts. 

       3. Comfortable Pregame Attire

Steelers merch store
Image courtesy of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

What you are wearing will probably depend on where you are going afterward and what the weather is like that day. Keep in mind that boats will go out if it’s raining or shining, so you might want to bring a rain jacket and umbrella just in case. If you’re heading to a Pittsburgh sports game, check out these spots in the city to grab your gameday attire to represent: 

       4. Night Out Pregame Attire

Highway Robbery Vintage storefront
Image courtesy of Highway Robbery Vintage.

If you are pregaming on the party boat before a night out to the South Side or North Shore, you’ll probably be all done up in your going-out clothes to hit the bars. Take a trip to a few places downtown before heading to the pregame and purchase a brand new outfit for the night ahead. If you are searching for some new ‘going out’ pieces, here are a few places in Pittsburgh to check out:

Before you head off to your next Pirate’s game, concert, or night out, make sure you hop on a party boat in Pittsburgh beforehand. Your friends will be impressed with the next-level pregame, and it will set the tone for the entire night. Get the party started, and contact us at Pittsburgh Pedal Boats to plan your pregame.