Why Yinzers Say Pittsburgh Pedal Boats Offers the Best Cruise in the City

Pedal Pittsburgh and its Gorgeous Rivers While Having the Party of a Lifetime

Finding the right way to sail down the Pittsburgh rivers can be difficult. Traditional cruise boats tend to be stuffy and expensive. Kayaks can easily grow hot and uncomfortable. That’s why more Yinzers are looking for a new way to pedal Pittsburgh and its gorgeous rivers. 

This is where Pittsburgh Pedal Boats come in. As one of the first of its kind to hit the Pittsburgh rivers, Pittsburgh Pedal Boats offers an unforgettable booze cruise for anyone looking to get out of their comfort zones. Read on to find out why so many Yinzers are calling Pittsburgh Pedal Boats the best cruise in the city! 

Pedal Pittsburgh and Enjoy its Breathtaking Sites

Embark on a Unique Cruise Down the River

pittsburgh bridge downtown

Pittsburgh Pedal Boats offers numerous features that help sets them apart from other cruise lines. With room for up to 14 guests, these fun party boats are perfect for both small and large groups! In addition to their comfortable seating arrangements, Pittsburgh Pedal Boats offers a covered roof for shade. Whenever you want to soak in the sun, simply step out onto the spacious deck. Since you and your guests are directly out on the water, you will also be able to stay cool and relaxed throughout the entire trip. 

Embarking on a trip to pedal Pittsburgh and its scenic three rivers is perfect for almost any occasion. Whether you want to throw an unforgettable bachelorette party for your best friend or you are looking for a new way to encourage office team building, you are sure to do all of this and more with Pittsburgh Pedal Boats.  

Crack Open a Beer or Sip Some Wine

Enjoy a Booze Cruise Like No Other

can of corona beer

What better way to relax out on the water than with a glass of beer? Guests can bring up to 36 oz of beer or 18 oz of wine. This roughly translates to a 6-pack of Corona Lite or a bottle of red wine per two people. No matter what your drink of choice is, don’t forget to bring it with you on your next booze cruise with Pittsburgh Pedal Boats. 

Feeling hungry? You can also pack a light picnic or snack tray. Pedaling out on the water always seems to quickly increase our appetite! 

Cruise Down the Three Rivers Under the Supervision of a Professional Crew

A Licensed Master Captain and Deckhand Will Help You Navigate the Rivers

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All Pittsburgh Pedal boat tours are led by a licensed master captain and professional deckhand. As the master captain navigates the boat across the river, guests can relax and soak in the gorgeous views of the city. The boat itself is also inspected by the USCG to ensure its safety and function. Life vests are also provided for passengers. However, they are optional to wear. 

Sneak in a Solid Workout

Work with Your Party to Pedal Pittsburgh and its Expansive Waters

Pittsburgh Pedal Boats | Pedal Powered Boats in Pittsburgh

Exercise doesn’t have to be boring or painful. In fact, sometimes you need to change up your typical workout routine to help get the best results. Take group exercise to a whole new level with Pittsburgh Pedal Boats. Cruises last 1 hour and 45 minutes, making it easy to get a relaxing and laidback workout while you socialize with friends and family. 

Going on a Pittsburgh pedal cruise is also a great way to unwind and give yourself a mental break. Whatever your reasoning for going on one of our pedal boats is, you are sure to feel alive and refreshed when you are finished our tour down the river!  

Pedal Pittsburgh While Listening to Your Favorite Music

Throw a Party on the Three Rivers

pittsburgh pedal boat sailing past PNC park

One of the best parts of Pittsburgh Pedal Boats is the relaxed, party-like atmosphere every group enjoys. Groups can play some lively pop music or relaxed jazz depending on what everyone is in the mood for. A night out with friends has never been this unique or vibrant until now. 

Catch Up with Friends and Family Members

There’s Nothing More Fun Than Spending Time with Loved Ones While You Pedal Pittsburgh Waters

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Are you tired of going to the movies or bowling at the local alley every time you hang out with friends? Pittsburgh Pedal Boats offers a fun and exciting twist to your normal get-togethers. Not only will you and your crew be able to take in all of the scenic views of Pittsburgh, but you will also bond through this team-oriented activity.

If you haven’t taken in Downtown Pittsburgh’s skyline from the view of the water, you haven’t experienced all the breathtaking views the city has to offer quite yet. That’s why so many people are looking to pedal Pittsburgh and its amazing three rivers with Pittsburgh Pedal Boats. With lively music playing from speakers and your favorite drinks, your upcoming booze cruise is sure to be one for the books! To get started, contact one of our team members today