7 Annual Summer Activities in Pittsburgh You Need To Check Out

These are the perfect PGH summer activities to pregame with a pedal boat experience.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the summer weather in Pittsburgh, especially with the annual festivities going on around the city. There are endless Pittsburgh summer activities to take advantage of the weather, spend time with friends, and have an all-around great time. We’ve compiled a list of seven annual summer activities in the area that are all perfect to pregame with Pittsburgh Pedal Boats. So check out these ideas for your next day spent in the Steel City!

7 Annual Pittsburgh Summer Activities You Need to Check Out


Picklesburgh crowd in Pittsburgh
Image courtesy of Blue Sky News.

Are you looking for a summer activity in Pittsburgh based all around pickles? Picklesburgh is the destination for all things pickles and has been voted the #1 Best Specialty Food Festival in America. This festival is all about showing off the city’s pickled history and culinary artwork. But, if you aren’t a fan of pickles, don’t worry. Picklesburgh includes international dishes, embracing the farm-to-table movement. There are also sections for cocktails, merchandise, and DIY products. Visit the Picklesburgh site to learn more about annual event dates, concerts, and more.

Three Rivers Regatta

boat racing in the Three Rivers Regatta
Image courtesy of Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Of course, with three famous rivers, Pittsburgh has to host the largest inland regatta in the nation. The Three Rivers Regatta is a weekend of music, food, and a whole lot of fun on the water. The Formula 1 powerboat races include some of the most competitive drivers who take the tricky Steel City courses. Along with the Formula 1 races, there are F-Lights Powerboat Racing, the USA Jet-Ski Freestyle Championships, ALCOSAN 3 Rivers Proud Anything That Floats Race, and more. In the ALCOSAN 3 Rivers Proud Anything That Floats Race, you’ll get to see yinzers try to sail or sink their homemade boats — if that’s not entertainment, what is? Visit the Three Rivers Regatta site to learn more about the annual event dates.

Three Rivers Arts Festival

three Rivers Arts Festival
Image courtesy of Pittsburgh Magazine.

The Three Rivers Arts Festival is held in the city’s Cultural District along with Point State Park and celebrates the art and music that fuels Pittsburgh. For a few days out of the summer, there is music playing throughout the streets of Pittsburgh while local artists show off their talents at their own booths. This festival is the perfect opportunity to support local artists and musicians, along with the delicious local eats at the festival. Visit the Three Rivers Arts Festival site to learn more about the event dates, vendors, and more.

Pittsburgh Pride

Pittsburgh pride parade
Image courtesy of Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Pittsburgh celebrates Pride all month long with events hosted by various organizations, clubs, and entertainers that provide a month-long LGBTQ+ celebration and party. The city’s first Pride parade took place in 1973 and has been going on since. During every weekend in June, something new is going on, so you’ll have all month to join in on the party. Something is going on for everyone — from picnics and parades to parties supporting the community’s local bars and restaurants. 

Pittsburgh International Jazz Festival

Pittsburgh international jazz festival
Image courtesy of Visit Pittsburgh.

Gather up your group of friends and head over to the Pittsburgh International Jazz Festival to enjoy the music of talented artists in the city. The event is put on by the August Wilson African American Cultural Center. The ticketed event features jazz icons such as Marcus Miller, Dianne Reeves, Gregory Porter, Jazzmeia Horn, and many more. Visit the Pittsburgh International Jazz Festival site for more information regarding event dates, artists, locations, and more.

Pittsburgh Beerfest

Pittsburgh beerfest
Image courtesy of Good Food Pittsburgh.

With Pittsburgh Beerfest, you’ll be in the presence of hundreds of delicious craft brews. Breweries and beer enthusiasts come together from across the region to sample hundreds of beers, all while raising funds for Animal Rescue Partners — a 501-c-organization that is dedicated to supporting animal rescues, pet adoption groups, and community spay/neuter programs. The Beerfest is held at Stage AE, and it’s the perfect place to grab your group of friends and sample as many beers as you can within the two-night event. Visit the Pittsburgh Beerfest site to learn more about the vendors and annual event dates. 

Pittsburgh VegFest

Pittsburgh VegFest
Image courtesy of Discover the Burgh.

Pittsburgh VegFest is a one-day, free admission event that celebrates all of the incredible vegan foods around the city. The event is hosted by the non-profit organization Justice for Animals and includes vegan food,  live music, shopping, and informative speakers. With the VegFest, you can support small businesses and chow down on good food while celebrating animal advocacy. Even if you aren’t vegan, the Pittsburgh VegFest vendors will prove to you that vegan food can be just as good (if not better) than non-vegan options. Visit the Pittsburgh VegFest site to learn more about vegan food, vendors, event dates, and more.

Pregame Every Pittsburgh Summer Event With Pedal Boats

large group on Pittsburgh Pedal Boats
Start or end your day on a Pittsburgh Pedal Boat booze cruise. 

If you are looking for a way to pregame your summer activities or keep the party going afterward, Pittsburgh Pedal Boats is the place for you and your friends. We offer pedal boats and pontoons where you and your group can drink beer, eat snacks, listen to music, and cruise along the three rivers. All boats are BYOB, are available for large or small groups, and have flexible booking times. So listen to some tunes, enjoy your friends’ company, and relax along the waters of Pittsburgh. 

Pittsburgh is a city filled with diverse people with various interests and hobbies, leading to an array of events that you and your friends can check out. Whatever Pittsburgh summer activity you choose to attend, Pittsburgh Pedals Boats can be your pregame or the after-party. So hop on to continue the fun with good friends, great drinks, and a fantastic time. Contact us today to book your booze cruise.