Why PGH Pedal Boats is the Best Place for a Birthday Party in Pittsburgh

Nothing is better than spending a Pittsburgh birthday party on the three rivers with your best friends

There is no better or more unique way to take in Pittsburgh than on Pittsburgh Pedal Boats, making it perfect for your birthday party. Your birthday is the one day of the year that’s all about you, and we want to make sure it’s as memorable as possible. Take in the sights and sounds of all things yinzer with this birthday party Pittsburgh style! If you aren’t quite convinced yet, dive into why Pittsburgh Pedal Boats hosts the best birthday party in Pittsburgh

Why Pittsburgh Pedal Boats Hosts the Best Birthday Party in Pittsburgh

It’s a New Way to See the City

Pittsburgh skyline at night
Pittsburgh Pedal Boats is an entirely new way to take in the Steel City.

It’s not every day you can take a ride around the three rivers on a pedal boat while drinking a few of your favorite brews. If you haven’t been on a boat in Pittsburgh before, then this is an entirely new way to see Steel City. Not only that, but you’re burning off the calories you're drinking by pedaling on the boat. So, all calories on the Pittsburgh Pedal Boats don’t count (and calories don’t count on your birthday anyways)! Your friends will be ecstatic to attend a birthday party in Pittsburgh that’s completely different from the usual locations.

You Can Pregame for the Bars

Mario's South Side
Image courtesy of Mario’s South Side.

Pittsburgh Pedal Boats is perfect for those looking for a change of scenery from the usual North Shore and South Side, or it can be a thrilling pregame for the club. If you and your friends are over the bar scene and searching for something new and exciting, you are looking for a booze cruise. Listen to some tunes while you sip on your favorite beer, wine, or seltzer, and even bring on a few drinking games for the ride

On the other hand, if you are looking to pregame your bar crawl, Pittsburgh Pedal Boats is the prime location for you to pregame and safely make it to the bars. Not many people can say they hosted their birthday pregame on a pedal boat, so why not be one of the first in your group to do so. You can even take a ride on a pedal boat to pregame a Pirates game or a concert at PNC Park, and the options are endless. 

It’s a Safe and Intimate Event

Pittsburgh Pedal Boat

You and up to 15 of your closest friends will be able to spend your birthday hanging out, playing games, drinking, and bonding while taking a ride around the ‘Burgh. Is there anything better than a laid-back birthday party on a boat? Probably not. You’ll get to have quality time with your group, chat, eat snacks, and play games, all without the loud noises of a bar or club that make it hard to hear. Don’t worry — we’ll still have music on the booze cruise for the party. Jam out and sing along to great tunes as you're cruising around the city. Of course, we want to keep everyone safe, but the #1 priority is having the best birthday party of your life.  

It’s a Booze Cruise Without Having to Leave Pittsburgh

man and woman on pedal boat

When people typically say booze cruise, they think of a huge cruise ship sailing out into a tropical location, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. With Pittsburgh Pedal Boats, you don’t have to hop on a plane or spend all of that money on hotel rooms and cruise tickets — the booze cruise is already right in your backyard. Each guest can bring their six-pack of beer or seltzer, and your party can also bring on small snacks to keep you energized. Charcuterie boards have been a huge trend lately, so show off your skills with a board that’s themed for the booze cruise. A yinzer pedal boat is a perfect way to have a getaway without having to travel far away from home. 

Your birthday party in Pittsburgh deserves to be the most fun, incredible, and epic day of the year. With Pittsburgh Pedal Boats, you’ll have a fun day out with your friends while giving them a unique experience. Not only will you see the city in a new way and get to take in the beautiful sights, but you’ll also be hanging out with those who are most important to you. Gather up your friends and contact us to plan the most exciting birthday party yet.