The Best Boating Routes for Your Pittsburgh Pontoon Outing

Here’s what you can expect to see on any route you decide to take during your Pittsburgh pontoon cruise

If you have booked a Pittsburgh pontoon recently you may be wondering what route will give my group the most bang for our buck. Whether your group wants to see North Shore, Uptown, or something a little quieter, Pittsburgh Party Pontoons has you covered this summer. From the starting point at the marina in Station Square, you have three options: the Allegheny, the Monongahela, or the Ohio. Each river has something different to offer but no matter what one you choose there is one thing for certain; there will be no lack of fun during your cruise around the city. 

Starting Point: The Marina at Station Square 

Set sail on your Pittsburgh pontoon from the beautiful Station Square

view of Station Square
Image Courtesy of Wheelchair Travel.

Upon arriving at Pittsburgh Party Pontoons, you and your group will be brought down to the marina at Station Square where the cruise will start. From there you will have the option to choose what river you want to go down to get the most out of your experience. With the help of your Master Captain and deckhand on board, they will be there to guide you down whichever river you may choose. No matter which river you set sail on, your Pittsburgh pontoon ride will sure to be an experience you will not forget. 

Cruise The Allegheny River 

Catch the best views of downtown on your Pittsburgh pontoon ride

downtown Pittsburgh on the Allegheny River
Image Courtesy of Visit Pittsburgh

If you and your group choose to go upstream on the Allegheny you will be guaranteed to see some of the best views of the city. You will start out by going upstream on the Monongahela out of the marina and directly under the Fort Pitt Bridge. This will then bring you to the Point where the Allegheny and the Monongahela rivers meet to form the Ohio River.  

When you arrive at the meeting of the two rivers you will be able to see the Point State Park Fountain and Fort Duquesne from a view like you have never seen before. At the same time, if you turn to your left you will also be able to see a great view of North Shore and PNC Park where the Pirates play. You may even get to catch a glimpse of a game! 

From here your group will travel under the famous Three Sisters and arrive at the Strip District. Once known for its industrial upbringing, the Strip is now one of the most lively neighborhoods of the city and is nothing short of foodie heaven. Last, but not least, your cruise will bring you along Washington’s Landing and Lower Lawrenceville where you will find a plethora of breweries, breakfast spots, and unique shopping to check out when you arrive back on dry land. The Allegheny truly offers something for everyone to enjoy on a Pittsburgh pontoon. 

Set Sail Down The Monongahela River 

Experience the South Side like never before

view of downtown Pittsburgh
Image Courtesy of Visit Pittsburgh.

Next up we have the Monongahela River. This route will take you past Uptown, South Side, and South Oakland. After launching from the marina, your cruise will start out by heading downstream on the river and passing under the Liberty Bridge. 

The first neighborhood upon passing under the bridge will be Uptown—home to Duquesne University and 19th-century architecture. Pittsburgh's Uptown truly is nothing short of a display of its once bohemian artists' colony. 

Once passing Uptown, to the right will be South Side. While South Side is best known for its bustling nightlife, here you will find something for everyone including live music and fine dining. After passing South Side, the last neighborhood on the cruise is South Oakland known as the educational epicenter of the city. Oakland is home to many universities and hospitals including the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon, and UPMC. 

Experience The Ohio River Views

Explore Pittsburgh’s industrial history from the water 

Pittsburgh Pedal Boat

Last up on the list we have the Ohio River. Although this route isn’t as exciting as the others, it  still is a great option if you and your friends are just trying to relax or see a new part of the city that you haven’t explored yet. After launching from the marina your cruise will head upstream on the Ohio River. While on this route you will see South Shore, West End Overlook Park, and Brunot Island. 

So, now that we have covered each boating route option, it is now up to you and your group to decide what would be the best fit. Whether you want an incredible downtown view or a more calm, nature-filled view, each route offers something for everyone’s liking. If you have already booked your Pittsburgh Party Pontoon all there is left to do now is decide. Book your Pittsburgh Party Pontoon cruise today to see the city from a new perspective this summer.