Get Out on the Water with These 8 Pittsburgh Waterfront Activities

Dine, Walk, and Pedal Pittsburgh with these Fun Water-based Activities

The three rivers are an iconic signifying of Pittsburgh. After all, it is the three rivers that paved the way for Pittsburgh’s initial industrial boom and today shapes the endearingly awful traffic patterns we face during rush hour. Pittsburgh was never meant to be the residential, food, and tech hub that it is today, but yinzers are grateful for the beauty and fun that the rivers add to this once-dreary steel town.

We aim to make the most out of the lovely rivers that define our city, which is Pittsburgh Pedal Boats is here to break down the 9 best activities on and around the water in Pittsburgh. Whether you’re looking to dine, walk, or pedal Pittsburgh, these activities are sure to impress and entertain you.

Pittsburgh Pedal Boats

Pedal Pittsburgh Rivers in the City’s Best Booze Cruise

Pittsburgh Pedal Boats

Set sail on the three reivers with Pittsburgh Pedal Boats: the city’s best booze cruise. Since 2018, Pittsburgh Pedal Boats has helped locals and tourists sip and pedal Pittsburgh rivers like never before. The boat is powered by the pedaling of those on board as they sip on their favorite beverages, take in the views of Downtown Pittsburgh, and jam out to their favorite music. Pittsburgh Pedal Boats offers voyages to groups of up to 14 people all summer long, making it the perfect activity for a Pittsburgh bachelorette party, pre-game adventure, daytime outing with friends.

Bike the Pittsburgh Riverwalk

Enjoy Great Views of the City on a Flat Bike and Walking Trail


If you’re looking for a completely free way to see the city, taking advantage of the Pittsburgh Riverwalk is the perfect activity. The Riverwalk, formally knows as the Three Rivers Heritage Trail, is a 24-mile trail that takes you from Point State Park to areas down all three rivers. Perhaps the most scenic portion of the river borders both sides of the Allegheny River, passing the North Shore stadiums and provides a sweeping view of Downtown.  Whether you decide to walk, jog, or bike the Riverwalk, the entire journey promises great views and an even better workout.

Kayak Pittsburgh - Venture Outdoors

Kayak the Three Rivers for an Affordable Hourly Rate



If you’re looking to get out on the water (while simultaneously getting a serious upper body workout), you have to check out Kayak Pittsburgh. Located on the North Shore—with additional locations in North Park and Aspinwall—Kayak Pittsburgh provides kayak rentals for people looking to explore the three rivers. Single and tandem kayaks are available on a per-hour rate and no experience is needed as you take in once of the best, most unobstructed views of the city.

Point State Park Fountain

Relax by the Water and Enjoy the Stunning Downtown Fountain

Point State Park


If beautiful views of the three rivers aren’t enough for you, the Point State Park fountain is guaranteed to provide the icing on the cake. This stunning fountain was created as part of a downtown Pittsburgh revitalization project and now marks the adjoining part of the Allegheny, Monogahela, and Ohio rivers. This stunning fountain sprays more than 150 feet in the air, making it the perfect spot for an afternoon walk or laid-back evening in the city. On windy days, you’ll feel a slight mist from the fountain, making it a great place for a picnic on a hot day. Best of all, the restaurants in Market Square are just a short walk away, making it easy to grab a great bite to eat to enjoy the fountain.

Redfin Blues

Waterfront Dining in Washington’s Landing

Waterfront dining

Located up the Allegheny River by the 31st street bridge is one of Pittsburgh’ss best-kept secrets: Redfin Blues. Redfin Blues is a waterfront grill with a deck that provides beautiful waterfront views while dining on fresh, delicious seafood. In addition to lobster rolls, tasty sandwiches, and a great drink menu, Redfin Blues offers all-you-can-eat crab legs (which, as far as we know, is the only place you can do this in the city). Best of all, Redfin Blues is right next to Washington’s Landing Marina, making it a go-to spot for the city’s boaters.

North Shore Water Steps

Relax by the River at the Iconic North Shore Water Feature

Water Steps

If you’re looking for the free way to enjoy the views as others bike the trails and pedal Pittsburgh rivers, the North Shore Waters Steps is a must-see. Located right on the water, the Water Steps is a popular place to hang out and dip your toes. This multi-level water feature is surrounded by grassy areas and located close to the North Shore restaurants and stadiums, making it a  great place to relax on a hot summer day.

The Three Rivers Regatta

The Watersports Festival You Don’t Want to Miss


The Three River Regatta is one of Pittsburgh’s most popular annual events. Sponsored by EQT, the Regatta brings people from far and wide to the Pittsburgh area  every summer for a spectacle of watersports. From Formula 1 powerboat races, jet-ski freestyle championships, and ‘Anything the Floats’ competitions, the Regatta brings the excitement and entertainment that anyone will love. Best of all, there’s plenty of food and excitement to go around between events, making it a can’t-miss event in the city.

The Gateway Clipper

Sightseeing, Dinner Cruises, and Special Events on the Three Rivers

Gateway Clipper

If you’re looking to boast the biggest boat on the three rivers, the Gateway Clipper is the way to go. Departing from Station Square, the Gateway Clipper provides everything from sightseeing tours down the three rivers, dinner and brunch cruises, to special events like birthday parties and weddings. Guests will experience a one-hour tour across all three rivers, providing stunning views and plenty of information about the history of the city and its rivers.

Want to experience the city in a whole new way? Pedal Pittsburgh with Pittsburgh Pedal Boats all summer long! Learn more about our services and book your cruise on our website now.